Monday, May 30, 2011

Paint Chip Escort Cards and Gold Elephant Holders

If the title of this post had you saying "whhhhat?!", then bear with me for a few minutes. Keeping with the blush and gold theme, I've come up with a plan (inspired in part by oncewed) to use variations of blush colored paint swatches as escort cards! It's free and can be absolutely gorgeous if the calligraphy on them is nice. The writing on the swatches below is terrible, but think of how gorgeous they could be with nice script! Pairing them with gold elephant place card holders would be just lovely. I guess I will be making several trips to Home Depot and Lowes come wedding time. It will have to be a sneaky mission!

- Gold Elephant Place Card Holders are approximately 200$ for 100 pieces
- Paint Swatches are free

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