Monday, March 28, 2011

A Dry Wedding?

This is a topic that has had me somewhat frustrated. MW and I are Muslim ( I converted two years ago) and he feels that it would be inappropriate to serve alcohol at our wedding, with all of our Muslim relatives in attendance. Initially, I was upset and unwilling to agree. I had always imagined having a champagne toast at my wedding. After all, what is champagne for if not New Years and weddings?! But then I realized that this wedding is a beginning of a marriage, not just a party, so I took a look on the bright side.

There are some pros to not serving alcohol...
1. No one will end up like this on your special day.
2. There will be more money for a different aspect of the wedding
3. It's an excuse to have an after-party with just the bridesmaids and groomsmen
4. No sloppy speeches to ruin the evening
5. Those who don't drink will not feel left out

Just because you're not serving alcohol doesn't mean you should serve only water and soda. If you're considering a dry wedding for personal, religious, or financial reasons, then here are some tips to make your day just as special.

1. Serve signature drinks just as you would if you had a bartender (minus the liquor). For example, the drink in the photo below could be pink lemonade with gold sugar around the glass.


2. Give the drinks fun names. I'd call this drink "The Blushing Bride".

3. Serve gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, fresh juices, or even slurpee's to bring something exciting to the event.

I definitely want to have a gourmet coffee stand!

These Jones Sodas are in the colors of my wedding, brown, cream and blush pink. Adding a personalized sticker to the front of the bottle would make them fit in perfectly to the event design.

 MW has given me complete control over every aspect of the wedding, even the location (which means a lot considering I chose a destination that takes 20 hours on a plane to reach), so I can definitely respect his wish not to serve alcohol at our wedding. Even if it's hard to swallow. No pun intended. 

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