Sunday, April 3, 2011

Diamond Fell Out of Engagement Ring

No, it's not an old wives tale or made up horror story. It's real. Diamonds fall out of engagement rings. It's a curse in my family-- my grandmother lost her diamond and never found it. My mother lost her diamond (that belonged to her grandmother) and never found it. My cousin's fate was the same and last summer, after getting out of the swimming pool with a friend, I looked down and saw a site similar to this on my finger...
Luckily, I found my diamond and immediately got it put back. Actually, I had the entire head replaced with a six pronged-head because I was convinced that four wasn't enough to ensure that it would never fall out again. The woman who fixed it told me to go once a year and have all the prongs checked and that if any feel sharp or snag on clothing it means they need fixing. Trust me, it can happen! So take care of those prongs ladies...

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