Friday, April 15, 2011

Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Dubai

This weekend has been awesome. MW and I took a stand-up paddle board lesson with Surf Shop Dubai on Thursday, which rocked. We got an incredible tour around the Burj Al Arab and spent an hour and a half paddling around the Dubai coast in perfect weather. The only downside was that I left the camera at home so we relied on the couple in our group to take photos and send them to us. Nothing yet but I'm still hoping to see them in my inbox soon!

Another fun thing we got to do this weekend, and yes it's wedding related, is take a private dance lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Souk Al Bahr at Dubai Mall. Arthur Murray has studios all over the world and offers lessons in an impressive variety of ballroom dance styles. We did a forty-five minute session and got to learn the Foxtrot, the Waltz, some Salsa, the Merengue, the Tango and a few basic dancing moves. It was an extremely productive lesson and I don't doubt that they could help us prepare an incredible first dance. Our introductory lesson was only $30.00, but actual lessons run much higher. I'm not sure on pricing within the United States, but here's what we were offered here in Dubai...

Location: Dubai, UAE
Venue: Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Product/Service: 10 private dance lessons at 45 minutes each
Price: $889.00
Verdict: Waaay too steep for our student budgets, but SO much fun!

Tip to Save for the Budget-Savvy Bride: If you're interested in taking ballroom dancing lessons but are worried that it won't be affordable, consider re-arranging the wedding budget. Spending two hundred dollars less on four aspects of the wedding would pay for 10 ballroom dancing lessons, experiences that will last a lifetime. It may sound tough but opting not to put sashes on 100 chairs, at $2.00 each would save you $200.00. Choosing to serve chicken instead of beef can easily save you $4.00 per plate. If you have 100 guests thats $400.00 in savings. There are dozens of ways to save without compromising quality. 

If $900.00 sounds completely ridiculous to you, then consider buying a DVD from an online store like this one, which would only run you around $30.00. Other options include; taking a group class at a local community center or hiring someone who knows how to dance to give you lessons at home. Either way, dance lessons are a must if you're a couple who likes to have fun. As for MW and I, nothing will stop us from being able to move it better than anyone on Dancing With the Stars. Now if only I could figure out where Julianne Hough gets her outfits from...


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