Monday, April 11, 2011

Twobirds Convertible Bridesmaids Dress

I am absolutely in love with the twobirds bridesmaids dress! It allows each girl to have her own style, and it is definitely something that can be worn again and again, because you never have to wear it the same way twice!

 Alyssa Milano's bridesmaids wore twobirds at her 2009 nuptials and many non-celebrity brides are following suit.

This convertible dress comes in twenty different colors and in varying lengths. It can also be wrapped in dozens of ways, so no two bridesmaids have to look alike. This photo from their website says it all...

Although I may want to purchase one of these lovely gowns for myself someday, I don't know how I'd feel about asking my bridesmaids to purchase a $310.00 dress-- no matter how many times they could re-wear it. Fortunately, many other designers are making convertible dresses at the moment. Keep on the lookout here at BrideByYourSide for a post on how to get your hands on a convertible dress for less. 

Price: $310.00 for the long version & $270.00 for the short version
Verdict: Lovely, but pricey! Hmm.. Does it come in white?

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  1. We had convertible dresses for our big day (not Twobirds, although they are beautiful!) You can see images of our dresses here: